Ugh, beauty

Beauty is strange. Like, what classifies something as beautiful? I assume that if something is pleasing, it’s beautiful. What classifies something as pleasing? It’s a cycle of confusion that ends in nothing but a headache. Standards in beauty make me roll my eyes, because we don’t really know how to perceive them. Society puts really... Continue Reading →

So, does it get better?

Taylor Deaton “Life isn’t easy,” “it’ll get better” and “this won’t last” are phrases that get under my skin more than anything, as awful as that sounds. Sometimes it’s really easy to get into a mindset of: instead of overcoming my pain, why can’t I wallow in it? It’s really easy to sink into a... Continue Reading →

What is my self-worth?

photos courtesy of What is self-worth? Speaking literally, self-worth is how one emotionally and behaviorally views themselves. When I dig deeper, though, self-worth goes far beyond. I am a 19-year-old college student who has been blessed far beyond measures, and I struggle to find value in my self-worth more than words can express. I... Continue Reading →

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