Confused college girl hours

I was on the phone with one of my best friends the other day when he referred to me as the “biggest over-thinker” he knows. I’m pretty sure the exact words used were, “if you ever need advice on anything, just ask Taylor, because she’s the biggest over-thinker I know.”

For a second I was like, no way. Then I laughed because it’s the truest statement I’ve ever heard.

You know, I really don’t like being indecisive. I don’t like being unsure about a decision, and I don’t like waiting.

Waiting sucks. When I was a child, I used to DIE on the days leading up to Christmas because I was so excited. As a 21-year-old I still get impatient when I’m waiting for something (especially Christmas).

If I could plan out everything I want to do every day for the rest of my life, I would do that. I’m uncomfortable with the unknown.

Without getting super specific, there have been a couple different situations in my life, lately, that I am tired of waiting for clarity on.

I’m unsure of what steps to take, hesitant to assume that I’m doing the right things, and overall just a little bit confused.

Like, when did life get so complicated?

Anyways, between overthinking and overcomplicating things, I kind of made myself take a chill pill. I started thinking about waiting, and greatness that has come from waiting.

King David, the greatest King of Israel, had to do a lot of waiting. In fact, he spent 20 years waiting until he was appointed king. During this time God was teaching him, using him, and growing him to become the man for the job.

David wasn’t ready to be king until he had gone through a period of waiting that he needed.

What about Sarah? God made a promise to her that she would have a child, even though she was well past the age. While she was shocked and hesitant, she held onto that promise from God and waited until she was blessed with a baby.

Even Jesus had a period of waiting. He didn’t perform his first miracle until he was 30. Waiting was necessary for him.

Time and time again we’re shown that waiting is a good thing. It isn’t punishment.

It’s like, I can’t be ready for an exam tomorrow if I haven’t spent time studying for it, today.

You can’t walk into that job on Monday morning fully ready for the week if you haven’t properly rested, today.

We can’t be ready for what our future holds if we haven’t gotten through today.

The process of waiting doesn’t always make sense to us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t trust it.

So, while waiting is pretty much the worst, it’s simple. In the waiting we find understanding that we didn’t initially have.

It’s about becoming who God is growing us to be, and that person is not going to disappoint. Don’t let the waiting overwhelm you. Through God, let the waiting lead you.

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