Read this if you’re anxious over uncertainty

Read this if you’re anxious over uncertainty

I’ve never quite understood how people automatically feel older on their birthdays until I turned 21 AND started my senior year of college exactly one day apart.

It’s like, congratulations!! You’re grown, you’re about to graduate college, and then go off to work a big-girl job for the rest of your life. I could basically feel wrinkles growing on my face.

How strange is that? Maybe it’s because I’ve been in school for my entire life, so it’s weird to envision a life without making Quizlets or watching Netflix when I really should be writing a paper.

So, let’s talk about back to school anxiety. That’s kind of broad, so we’re going to also group in back-to-work, back-to-school (parent edition), and any other anxiety that comes at the end of summer. This is when we know vacation is over and the uncertainty starts to set in.

This year looks different for all of us thanks to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean we have to let it impact us in a really scary way.

A word I’ve been praying over is flexibility. I’m kind of a control freak, so I’ve been working on accepting change in different forms during this season of life.

I’m going to use my mom for an example because she’s one of the hardest workers I know, and she’s had to adjust to a lot of change within her job over the past 5 months.

There have been times where she’s been stressed out to the max, and also times where she’s been grateful for some of the changes. Throughout everything, she’s managed to find silver-linings to keep herself positive and strong.

It’s called a global pandemic for a reason. Everyone is experiencing it. We are all uncertain of how this year is going to look, and that’s a little scary.

At the same time, I think it’s a blessing, because we can help build each other up in positivity instead of playing the, “I have it harder than you do” game. (Side note: if you’re this person, stop being this person.)

If you’re anxious about going back to school or sending your kids back to school; that’s okay. All of your peers are anxious, too. Be kind, wear a mask, and listen to your school officials.

If you’re anxious about going to work, that’s okay. All of your coworkers are anxious, too. Be kind, wear a mask, and listen to your leadership.

Everyone has been spending all summer preparing for this moment where we have to welcome people back into society in the midst of a really scary situation. We have to pray that our best interests are in mind.

Fear only has a voice if we give it one, so don’t let it stop you from making and reaching goals.

Do I want my graduation to be postponed? Heck no I don’t, but what am I going to accomplish by spending time dwelling over things that are unknown to me? Nothing.

We have to make the decision to choose faith over fear, and it isn’t always an easy decision when fear can be so loud in our minds. If we don’t fill our minds with Christ, there’s more room for fear, resentment, and doubt.

This is why we have to step back and let God be God, which includes being in control despite our anxiety.

I would much rather look back on this season of my life one day and say I’m proud of the way I handled my anxiety and uncertainty.

Instead of worrying and wondering, I’ve spent this week adjusting and praying over this new year of school and life. We’re all going to get through it, friends.

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