Read this when you don’t feel beautiful

Sometimes I’m in awe of how much power beauty standards hold over us. Sometimes I’m in awe of how much power we allow beauty standards to hold over us. We consume, and consume, and consume until we are thoroughly unsatisfied with our appearance.

A couple weeks ago, I got bangs (!!). I was, and still am, excited about this change and I love the way they look…sometimes. Any major change is going to take some time for adjustment, and that’s exactly how it has been in my case.

Not gonna lie to you guys (because we are all for vulnerability on this blog) I’ve been super insecure about myself since then.

I can look in the mirror and smile at myself, but when I open my camera to take a picture, I hate the way I look. It’s so SILLY to sit here and type this out, because it’s such a minor thing with absolutely no substance whatsoever. It’s literally a picture…on my cellphone.

I joked about it with my mom by saying, “maybe this is God’s way of telling me I should take less selfies,” and we laughed it off. Then I really started to think about that statement.

Maybe, it is God’s way of telling me that my worth is not based in my physical appearance. That I don’t necessarily have to stop taking selfies, but I shouldn’t take pictures if my sole purpose of taking them is to receive confirmation that I am beautiful.

Here’s the thing: I don’t need confirmation from the world that I am beautiful.

That opinion is never going to matter. External beauty is so FRUSTRATING because we put so much of our attention on it. Your mirror doesn’t get to decide if you are beautiful or not, friends.

When we were put on this earth by God, He did not say, “okay, now go out and look as beautiful as you possibly can, and if you don’t look beautiful, you are failing Me.” Instead, He told us to make His Name known among the nations.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure this declaration has nothing to do with the way our eyebrows look when we haven’t gotten them done in a month.

God is not vain, and we should not be vain either.

True beauty does not come from physical appearance. It doesn’t come from the number of likes underneath our Instagram post. Beauty comes in the form of encouraging a friend in need or bringing joy to someone’s day.

No one deserves to live a life in which they feel like their physical appearance is going to matter above anything else that they accomplish. We were put on this earth for far greater purposes than to look pretty.

Insecurity, self-doubt, and even Instagram itself are joy-stealers.

Stop comparing yourself to other people that you see, because they weren’t put on this Earth for the same reason that you were. Therefore, you don’t have to be them!

Validation is nice, but if we become too consumed in other’s opinions of ourselves, it can be self-destructive. The only validation you need is from Jesus, friends.

I think that true beauty is having the strength to say that you don’t care what anyone on this planet has to say about the way you look. I’d rather be known for being nice than be known for being pretty.

You are so beautiful the way that you are at this exact moment because you were created in the image of God.

Or, if you want to look at it differently; the same God who created billions of galaxies with billions of stars in each, AND knows each and every star by name, decided that Earth needed to have you in it.

Our purpose is so much greater than we could ever realize, so let’s stop beating ourselves up over the way we look and start looking at how we can make an (internal) impact that actually lasts.

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