Read this when you don’t want to go to your 8 a.m.

Spring semester hits harder than fall. That’s not a secret. Christmas break is short, it’s cold, and no one wants to walk to an 8 a.m.

I cried when my alarm went off at 6:30 last Thursday, if we’re being honest.

College is not fun when you’re discouraged, or stressed out, or unable to be fully awake before 10 a.m.

LUCKILY there is a solution for you and for me. It’s called: a little bit of tough love and a whole lot of Jesus.

The tough love essentially comes in the form of getting over the fact that you have to go to class. Like, seriously. Go to class. I don’t want to either, but this degree is not going to get itself, friends!

Are you cold? Wear a jacket. You forgot to do the homework that’s due in 12 minutes? Type like your little heart (and GPA) depend on it. Lastly, you better learn to looooove coffee, my dear.

The second part of my solution is personally my favorite part because Jesus is my absolute favorite encourager. He isn’t going to laugh at the fact that going to class is an actual struggle for some people.

Instead, He is going to lift us up in encouragement from the Bible so that we know we can start this semester strong and finish it even stronger.

I’ve found that the mornings I spend in the Word set my day up for greatness. When we start our day strong and are confident in what the Lord has to tell us, there’s a lot less room for Satan to try and steal that confidence away.

Jesus is fighting for us. Satan is fighting to destroy us. This is true even in little moments like debating on whether or not it’s a good idea to skip class.

So, we have to do ourselves a favor and not let Satan think he is winning. GO TO CLASS.

All jokes aside, when it gets really difficult to get out of bed, and the stress of the semester is weighing you down, there’s never a more perfect moment to lean into God’s truth that you can do all things through Him.

If we had it all figured out on our own, we wouldn’t need a Savior. But we are imperfect, so we need God and all the encouragement that He brings us.

To my fellow college students: you got this. I promise. Even when you feel alone and due dates are punching you in the face, don’t give up.

You can handle a lot more than you believe, and you’ve already come this far (no matter what year you are in).

I promise you that that 8 a.m. isn’t going to kill you, and when you’re walking across the stage at graduation it will 100% be worth it.

Have faith, rest in encouragement, and please, please, please go to class.

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