Just stop running

God is very clear in His directions, but it’s still hard to grasp and come to terms with some of the decisions that leave us feeling hurt in life.

Why did this happen, God? What did I do to deserve this, God? Can you help me understand Your plans for this, God?

If faith the size of a mustard seed is all that it takes, then why does it feel like it takes faith the size of the galaxy, right now?

The simple answer is we aren’t God, and thankfully we don’t see the big picture. If we saw everything, we wouldn’t have much of a need for God’s guidance, would we?

We don’t have to understand the entire situation to understand that God is faithful, and He will never stray from our side.

Every situation that we come in contact with is completely out of our control, but completely in God’s. Being able to hold onto this knowledge helps in painful moments of life, which we are going to experience.

We can’t control every situation, but we can control how we react and grow from that.

This doesn’t mean that our hurt is unjustified. We can be hurt and not have to live in that hurt.

Revelation 21:4 talks of a day when there will be no more crying, mourning, or pain, because “the former things have passed away.”

There is beauty in experiencing God’s blessings in times of difficult circumstances.

Not a single thing on this earth will stand against God because He will always have the final say. Our worldly situations will never measure up to what He has promised all of His children.

We aren’t called to stay comfortable where we are in life. We are called to take up our cross and follow Jesus. He never promised this would be easy.

Taking up our cross is a daily thing, according to Jesus. This means putting faith in what is unknown, not growing weary in tough situations and even just taking a deep breath when we want to say something that might be harmful to ourselves or others.

Following Jesus is never turning back, just growing strong and knowledgeable in him and his promises.

I saw a tweet today (surprise, surprise) that said, “if it breaks God’s heart, why do you think it will fulfill yours?” Y’ALL. That’s some straight-up truth, right there.

No amount of running will be able to stop God from catching up to us, so it’s frustrating that we try so hard to outrun His plans, sometimes.

From experience, hear me when I say that ignoring a command from God will only prolong an inevitably painful interjection that cannot be ignored any longer.

We were not created to take delight in worldly things. Our job is to be consistent in our faith, no matter how uncomfortable that may be.

This is what brings me peace in moments of uncertainty and sadness. I’m alive for one reason, and that is to bring glory to God and His name.

We cannot outrun God’s purpose for our lives, so look forward to the future.

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