Okay, Jesus, I’m trusting in you

This is my least favorite part of summer. The part where we slowly realize how close we are to the end of vacation, and how close we are to the unknown.

I’ve never, ever, EVER been a fan of the unknown. As a believer in Christ, it’s one of my biggest struggles, because faith is quite literally “trusting in something we cannot see.”

Anxiety hasn’t given me a break, lately. With my junior year of college quickly approaching, I’m being forced to think about things that I hate thinking about (aka, responsibility).

I don’t know if other people do this, but I have a really bad tendency to push pressures away from myself so that I don’t have to stress out over them. This only results in sleepless nights/panic attacks/a sour attitude.

I don’t want to be this person. I want to be that girl who smiles at herself in the mirror every morning, excited to conquer whatever the day may bring.

After all, a positive mindset does alter everything. (cough, cough, read my blog about positivity)

The unknown is Awful with the biggest, ugliest capital “A” that my brain can imagine. Having anxiety makes it about 20 times more difficult to cope with what I don’t know.

This is the time where I start to feel like an awful human, and an awful Christ-follower. I beat myself up over not always having an easy time trusting in God’s plan for my life.

After I’m done with my pity party, Jesus swoops in and saves the day, as he has done every day since I made the decision to follow him.

I get so relieved when I’m talking to Jesus about my fears and worries, hence why prayer is SO important.

Jesus understands that we aren’t always patient in letting him have complete control over our lives. He knows that we aren’t perfect, and thankfully, he doesn’t expect perfection from us.

Luckily for us imperfect humans, though, Jesus has the power to do everything. There is so much power in the name of Jesus, prayer, and his never-ending grace.

I don’t have to worry about what my junior year of college has in store for me, because Jesus already has the entire year planned out.

It doesn’t matter how many mountains I have to climb to get past my anxieties, because Jesus will be at the top of the mountain before I even begin to climb.

By myself, I am a weak girl who will never be able to overcome her anxiety. With Jesus, I can accomplish anything without blinking twice.

It isn’t easy to put our faith into something that’s unknown, but Jesus will never disappoint. No amount of fear that I have going into this school year will ever overcome Jesus’ plan.

I will continue to tell myself this until it sticks with me. Every time I feel that anxiety start to creep up on me, I just have to stop what I’m doing and pray that Jesus will deliver me from my worries and steady me during my trails.

Jesus has my story written out, and all I have to do is trust.

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